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Livestock & Meat

Organic & Non-Organic

imageCow (including beef steak, legs, ribs, shoulder, calf, beef necks, cow bellies, live cattle and feeder cattle & many more)
imageSheep (including the ribs and more parts of lamb / hogget / mutton)
imageGoat (including chevon & mutton parts)
imagePoultry (including chickens, turkeys, ducks & geese) & parts (wings, breast, etc)
imagePig (including pork steak, lean hogs, pork bellies,etc )
imageOffal (gizzards, livers, kidneys, tails, hearts, tongues, small intestine & more)

These livestock can be sold alive or for the meat (Halal & non-Halal) to any buyer in any country. All our livestock offerings alive are always accompanied with every certification proving adequately their conformity to EU and specific regulations for livestock and its products.



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