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imageEdgestone Worldwide France and partners confidently maintain the expertise in the distribution and supply of world class ingredients / raw materials and chemicals to a host of industries across the globe. Which allows you to benefit from a real authority in the selection of raw materials secured through ongoing audits from our suppliers.

We can save you money and improve turnaround time by purchasing raw ingredients on your behalf. We hold all suppliers to the highest quality standards to ensure you receive the finished product to your exact specifications. From toll processing to partial or full turnkey purchasing, we’ve got you covered as follows:

  • Raw materials and products for the cosmetics, detergents and household cleaner industries.

  • Starches and Starch derivatives. Regular and modified starches for food, pharmaceutical, paper and corrugating and industrial applications through glucose and maltose syrups, to maltodextrins and spray-dried glucose syrups, dextrose, sorbitol, erythritol, mannitol, maltitol, xylitol, xylose, cyclodextrin, citric acid and derivatives, wheat gluten, maize oil and animal feed ingredients.

  • Fruit juice concentrates and blends. Concentrates of Apple, Mango, Orange, Pineapple, etc with variety of blend tailored to meet customer need.

  • Organic chemicals and additives for the processing and manufacturing of plastics.

  • Special Additives for algicidal and fungicidal finishing of water -base products and preservatives for cosmetic, toiletries, household cleaners and other water based products such as paints.

  • Adhesives and sealants systems for industrial applications.

  • Specialty chemicals for paint industries, rubber manufacturers, polyurethane foamers and special blends for cosmetic and personal care applications.

  • Chemicals for sanitizing and chain lubrication in the brewing, milk processing and beverage industries.

  • Flavors, fragrances and colors used to make a diverse variety of foods and beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, home and personal care products, specialty printing and imaging products, computer imaging and industrial colors.

  • Specialty chemicals, specialty coating additives, polymer additives, rubber additives, paint additives, specialty textile chemicals, specialty process chemicals, specialty paper chemicals, etc.

  • Polyurethanes.

  • Oleochemical products such as fatty alcohols, methyl esters, soap noodles, alkanolamide & more.

When it comes to our food services, we cover everything from ingredient purchasing of one minor raw material to comprehensive procurement of every ingredient and packaging component used in processing your product. You can choose to specify your preferred vendors or let us identify manufacturers on your behalf.

Together with our partners combined with our buying expertise allows us to source superior inputs competitively and with ease. You simply place an order and look forward to the products being produced to your specifications, shipped where and when you need them, or warehoused for pickup on your schedule.

The food industries we serve include:

Seasonings / Spices
Dairy / Cheese
Cocoa / Chocolate
Drink mixes
Batters / Breading
Legumes / Vegetables
Sugar / Sweeteners
Grains / Nuts / Seeds
Snack / Nutrition Bars

& many more ...

The success of your business also hinges on the consistency and quality of the products we offer. Our job is to be the most reliable link in your supply chain, ensuring that every of our product supplied meets your specifications and schedule, every time.



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